Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Lavender Tid-Bit #7

Most lavender lovers know that lavender was an important ingredient in the beginnings of the perfume industry in France. But, believe it or not, French lavender (Lavendula dententa) is not the fragrant perfume variety of lavender. 

That award goes to Spanish lavender (Lavendual stoechus)! 

Well, isn't that interesting...

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Lavender Love in Liquid Form

We love lavender...we want others to love lavender...we make it our number one goal to promote the amazing array of uses and benefits of lavender!

Although this is part of our life and overall mission statement at sunshine lavender farm, it is still surprising and exciting when we accidentally run across other proprietors in our area that love and use lavender too! Recently, we went to one of the wonderful restaurants in downtown Durham, NC to enjoy drinks with friends. The restaurant we chose was Revolution ( located at 107 West Main Street. 

The entire restaurant is clothed in white with gorgeous lighting. There is an excellent cutting edge menu and freshly innovative bar drinks. While sitting at the beautiful bar and enjoying the music, I noticed a new drink that I needed to try immediately! 

The drink is called the "so far so good" and contains green tea infused gin, lemon, honey and was refreshing, light and lavender-ry. In other words, it was DELICIOUS!! If your in the area, you MUST try the drink and the restaurant...

Have you found any interesting lavender goodies that we must try? Please send us an email with your suggestion and we will give it a try.