Monday, September 17, 2012

Lavender Facial Spritzer

In the constant quest to find new and wonderful lavender tid-bits to share with you, our farm friends, I realized this morning that I have neglected to share one of our essentials from this past summer. My children LOVE to be outside, especially at the beach, a pool, a park, etc. I have a bag especially dedicated to travel when there is a chance of us getting wet. One of the items in our bag (along with towels, sunscreen, organic bug spray, etc) is a lavender facial/body spritzer. We use it constantly to cool off and help us relax the day away.

Even though the days are getter cooler, I've discovered that we are still bringing our lavender facial spritzer along on our outdoor trips. It's super easy to make too...

Gather together your favorite mini spray bottle(s), some spring water and of course your lavender essential oil.

First fill the spray bottle half full of bottled water.
Then add several drops of lavender essential oil...usually no more then six drops total as you will be using the spritzer on your face and body. 

Fill the rest of the spritzer bottle with bottled water.
You are now ready to begin spritzing away to lavender relaxation!

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