Tuesday, February 12, 2013

NEW Giveaway for February 2013

It's WAY past time for a blog giveaway!! How about a 80 ml bottle filled with our own blend of "Lavender Linen & Air Mist"? 

Bring the fresh scent of lavender to your linens and home with our freshening spray. Like June blooming lavender, the fragrance helps soothe, calm and comfort. Not only for your everyday linens and bedding, this spray is great for the office, on vacuum cleaner bags, air filters and vents, in the car, on pet bedding and a must have to freshen hotel rooms when traveling.

To enter to win, just hop on over to our NEW Etsy shop (www.etsy.com/shop/sunshinelavenderfarm) and pick your favorite product listing of ours...leave a comment below letting us know which one you picked, along with your name. We will pick a winner Friday afternoon and post it here on our blog. GOOD LUCK!!


  1. I like your lavender lotion balm. It really does the trick, and is portable. Lots of nifty ingredients in it, too! --nashbabe

    1. Congrats Lorrell!! You are our WINNER...and don't feel bad that you were the only one to enter!! We are just thankful for your support!!

      Please email your shipping address to my assistant, Jennifer- jenterry56@hotmail.com

      Let us know if you LOVE it!! ;-)