Thursday, April 11, 2013

Finding Local Lavender Flavors

Lately, I have noticed that the yummy flavor of true lavender is becoming more widely available. It has been so VERY exciting to try some of the lavender creations we have found local.

At the Hunt Street Art & Food Truck Market ( which is located directly beside the Durham, NC Farmers Market on Saturday's, we discovered the mobile Milk & Honey Bakery ( The owner Shelley is a lovely women who among other things, bakes the most delicious cheesecake bites. One of her new flavors this year is "Chocolate Lavender". Which is Chocolate Cheesecake infused with lavender and topped with a lavender infused whipped cream and grated chocolate. OH MY!! I clearly had to purchase one and trust me, the picture does not do this little teat any justice. It was wonderfully delicious!! So creamy, so chocolatey and oh so lavenderish! A definite MUST TRY for lavender lovers...

Have you found a new food item made with lavender...local or main stream? Let us know because we would LOVE it try it!

If you are interested in trying Shelley's lavender cheesecake bites, make sure to check out the Milk & Honey Bakery website listed above and see her schedule for when and where she will be selling her baked delights. Stay tuned on this blog for more lavender treat reviews!

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