Thursday, May 9, 2013

More Local Lavender Flavors

We have been fortunate enough to find more local lavender flavors recently. Last week, we visited the Scratch Bakery in downtown Durham, NC. Their website states- 
Scratch is a seasonal bakery that chooses the finest ingredients to provide its customers with the best product possible. This means that every time you walk through the door, you will find the best new foods that each season has to offer, and you will be supporting local farms, producers and businesses.

One of the delicious features at Scratch are the "Pie's of the Month". For April, in addition to 9 other yummy sounding pies, there was a Lavender Chess Pie. How could we resist?

I can say first hand that it was wonderfully delicious! The pie was rich and creamy with such a nice lavender flavor. I definitely recommend that you try it if you're in the area...

Scratch is located at 111 Orange Street in downtown Durham, NC. Their phone number is 919-956-5200.

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