Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Why farm?

When asked why a lavender farm? Why this crop? Gosh, back in 2000, when we moved to this lovely spot in North Carolina, there was no plan to begin a farm, let alone become "the lavender lady"!

Yes, we moved here as a refuge to the crazy world in which we oftentimes live. This small parcel of land called to me as a place to raise our daughters, who were just three and nine when we moved here. Wow. Where has the time gone? They are now 23 and 17!!

Our plan was to gradually build our rural spot, complete with a barn and fencing to enjoy a pony and pups for our daughters, to piddle with hens, to dig in the dirt. The lavender just kind of happened. A hobby gone wild! Perfect timing? The stars kind of aligned with my need to garden and the community's desire to reconnect with nature, farmland and one another. It really is not about the lavender crop at all, is it? It is more about a philosophy and a way of life that we enjoy and love to share. Our aim is to enhance community spirit through growing lavender, creating products based in nature, and offering seasonal lavender experiences for you and yours. Special thanks for taking this lavender joy ride with us!

Through the last 14 years, we have shared with many and will continue to do so. Please enjoy memory lane with us. Here are some photos that haven't been seen in a while, and a few from our archives!

Sylvie digs a thumb into a frame full of honey.
Our first flock.


Abigail graduates from Orange High School in 2010.

The beekeeper, my honey!

One of many, many gatherings
shared at our farm.

Pharsalia in Tyro, Virginia. A treasured venue of lavender
memory-making with friends of the farm.

Creating magic together.

What a beautiful wreath
and maker!

On our first Provence or Bust adventure to France.
Friends for life.

Lavender, all over the world, is lovely!

Come to the farm on Saturday,
December 13, 2014
for the Lavender Holiday Celebration
 for lavender-laced treats and
lavender hot chocolate!
Thank you for supporting our farm.
We will hang the quilts out for you on June 6-7, 2015
for the Lavender Harvest Celebration.

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