Monday, June 18, 2012

2013 Harvest Celebration Suggestions

We have received several EXCELLENT suggestions that some of our farm friends would like to see at next years 10th Lavender Harvest Celebration.

For example:
  1. Lavender sorbet (for our non-dairy friends),
  2. Lavender inspired jewelry vendor,
  3. A bee keeper to discuss the benefits of honey bee's not only at our lavender farm but also in your own home garden,
  4. MORE lavender treats to purchase (cookies, brownies, cupcakes etc.),
  5. Larger, laminated pictures of a mature version of each variety of lavender for sale (in addition to labeled plants in our field)

So, what are your thoughts? We would love to hear ALL of your suggestions for next years festival...please leave a comment at this post and the BEST suggestion will win a pack of 3 Sunshine Lavender Farm "Lavender Everyday Sachets".

Use these economical everyday sachets to scent your dresser, linen, closet, luggage, gym bag or car. The scent will last 2-3 years and is most fragrant when gently handled or squeezed to activate the natural. soothing essential oil deep in the lavender florets.

We will pick a winning comment on Friday June 29th at 4:00 PM and announce our choice via the blog. As always, THANK YOU for your suggestions!!

1 comment:

  1. I wholeheartedly second the motion for more lavender treats. Also, more lavender art projects - ones that preschoolers could do. Also, maybe a cooking demo or samples table. Bread or crackers with samples of the lavender honey, lavender vinegar, etc. Loved it! Looking forward to bringing the kids next year.