Monday, June 25, 2012

2013 Lavender Harvest Suggestion EXTENTION

We have received so many great suggestions VIA EMAIL and not the blog that we have decided to extend the giveaway one more week on the blog...

A few of the wonderful suggestions we have received include:
  1. Horse or pony rides for the children,
  2. Lavender stationary -- various kinds, small note cards and larger cards,
  3. Lavender infused paper,
  4. Gift cards with the signature painting of the farm by Tom Heggie AND
  5. Lavender wreath making as an additional craft!
Do you have any additional suggestions? We GREATLY appreciate your valuable input! We are already actively planning next years celebration!!


  1. I would like to be able to purchase a t shirt or hat with the farm name and logo..

  2. Hello! This year was my first time to the festival, and I loved it! Some suggestions from a first timer that are not already mentioned are:
    1. signs/boards posted in obvious locations that list the events available and where to find them. As a new-comer I found myself seeking volunteers to tell me where to go and for what. Also boards in the craft areas with the basic directions. The teachers were so busy {very helpful} that the wait time just to say "what do I need to do next?" or "how many stems of lavender do I need to pick?" was time consuming because you don't want to interrupt. And a sign that simply said what was needed to begin would have been super helpful.
    2. more than one card reader would have been GREAT, I would have purchased more items ie. ice cream, but I was tired of walking back and forth trying to find the one guy with a reader that I just gave up on buying stuff {tho I bought a lot :-o}
    3. postcards of the famous painting
    4. a sign that clearly marked the festival. I forgot my directions and the address at home, got lost and spent 30+ minutes driving around trying to find it. Almost gave up hope when I found a flier on a gas station bulletin board. So yes, please mark the roads clearly for people like me who tend to forget things at home :)
    4. lavender snowballs...just sayin ;)

    Well, I hope some of these suggestions are helpful. I can't wait till next year! And I already have a slew of people that want to come as well! yay! Oh and I second the pony rides for the kids, my horse loving lil' lass would have loved that!

  3. This was also my first time. I LOVED it and will certainly be back. I am in agreement with the other suggestions about a clearly marked signed letting us know you found the road, Also being able to purchase a Farm shirt would be great.
    The suggestion about basic instructions being posted is a good one
    Looking forward to next year/

  4. I love the the lavender wreath idea! I would also like to see more parking and adding Friday to the festival. I think it would go over great. Over all though I LOVE IT, :)