Tuesday, July 2, 2013

2013 Lavender Harvest

This year our lavender was harvested on Saturday June 15. It typically takes several days to harvest our beautiful crop. Fortunately, this year we had a large harvest crew and we were able to cut the entire field, bundle the cut lavender and hang it up into the barn to dry all in one day! Plus, we were able to accomplish a few extra nagging farm chores to boot! 

A freshly sheared lavender plant.

One of the essential members of our yearly harvest crew gathering up fresh bunches of lavender to hang up in the barn.

The lavender tucked up nice and dry in the dark HOT barn.

Happy drying sweet lavender! We look so forward to making more wonderful products with your aromatic loveliness!

We would like to give an extra BIG thanks to our 2013 Harvest Manager Sally Bond...without your coordinating efforts Sally, we wouldn't have finished so quickly and efficiently! THANK YOU HARVEST TEAM!

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