Friday, July 12, 2013

BEAUTIFUL paintings of the 2013 Harvest Celebration

This year, we were privileged to have several professional painters visit us during the 2013 Harvest Celebration. One such painter was a lovely young man, Jeremy Sams, who is a plein air painter which means he enjoys painting in the open air or painting from real life. He is currently a member of four plein air groups and it was obvious to all who observed him work that he was born to paint. The resulting paintings were so excellently done that you felt as if you were looking at a photograph and not a painting at all.

While Jeremy was with us for only one day of the event, he was able to complete not only one but two gorgeous paintings of our farm. On his website, he stated of the experience-
Today, I was privileged to paint along side of fellow artists from Triad Outdoor Painters and others at the beautiful Sunshine Lavender Farm near Hillsborough, NC. This was my first visit, but hopefully won’t be my last. I met many wonderful people there and was thrilled at the event’s family friendly atmosphere. 
 The weather was absolutely beautiful and you couldn't have asked for a better day to be out plein air painting. Luckily, I found myself a nice shady spot for my first painting of the day, which was this pretty little scene looking down the walkway beside the farm house. Not only was I in the shade on a bright sunny day, but I was right in front of the food tent…SCORE! They served up all kinds of healthy goodies and offered up some lavender tea and pineapple tea to wash it all down. I could’ve drank a gallon…it was delicious.
 This was my second plein air painting of the day. These bicycles were just begging to be painted with their jewel toned colors, wheels turned in the same direction, and baskets full of harvested lavender. Oddly enough, this was actually my first plein air painting of bicycles. Maybe I’ll have to try some more in the future.

We had a blast watching and talking with Jeremy as he painted the day away on our farm...we do hope he comes back again next year!

If you are interested in purchasing either painting of the 2013 Lavender Harvest Celebration or any of Jeremy's other excellent work, please visit him at this website- 

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