Friday, March 29, 2013

Raffle to win $100 Gift Certificate

Try your luck to win a 
$100 sunshine lavender farm gift certificate 
to spend at this year’s 
Lavender Harvest Celebration, June 1 & 2, 2013!

Annie is one woman who works on two farms. sunshine lavender farm and a LOCAL NONPROFIT, The North Carolina Therapeutic Riding Center. It serves children, teens and adults with special physical, mental, emotional and social challenges through horse-centered programs. (Daisy, one of the therapy ponies, will join us for the Celebration again this year!)
The Riding Center is currently running a "Paint Your Pony" campaign. Annie has volunteered to sponsor Pinto, one of the hard-working therapy horses on this farm and you can help too! PLUS, you will be entered into a raffle to win a $100 gift certificate to sunshine lavender farm to be used at the June 1st & 2nd Harvest Celebration.

How to Enter the raffle?
  1. FIRST click to read the horse's story- Pinto Stories
  2. SECOND, to enter the raffle, please Donate $5 to Team Pinto.
  3. THIRD, select sunshine lavender farm  in the “Donation Credited To” window. 
The result? You are entered to WIN a $100 gift certificate to spend at this years Lavender Harvest Celebration at sunshine lavender farm!

We can CELEBRATE making a difference together! The WINNER will be chosen in one month on April 17 (which happens to be Annie’s birthday. Shhh.) Help her celebrate with a gift of community that YOU can be a part of too! Thank you.

A little more about Pinto the therapy horse-

My name is Pinto, and I am a popular guy here at NCTRC. My full name is Pinto Bean but I like to go by Pinto for short. I am easy to spot in the pasture because of my brown and white coat and very cool black and white mane.

I absolutely love when my riders and volunteers scratch my belly where the girth goes, it just feels so good! I like the gentle riders best, as I do not like loud noises and can be a little sensitive. The good thing about my sensitivity is that I am a good listener and I respond very well to commands. I really enjoy being a therapy horse, especially when I get to sniff and touch my nose on all of the toys!

Please join in my efforts to raise $2,500 for the Paint Your Pony! Campaign. I would like to continue my work here at NCTRC and earn all my stripes and I would so appreciate your help. Thanks for your support!

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