Tuesday, March 26, 2013

We have plants...

With the arrival of spring, we are again providing our farm friends with the same superb quality plants as in years past. But this year, you can purchase on-line!

As of last week, we have the first round if plants for 2013 listed on Etsy. For starters this year, we are offering Hidcote Giant, Munstead and Otto Quast. Each listing in Etsy is for 6 lavender plants (4" each) of the each variety listed above. These plants will be packed well and shipped in a large USPS Priority Mail box. A detailed planting guide will be included.

A few plant specifics:

1. Hidcote Giant plants produce large medium purple blooms in mid June. It grows 24” around with grey-green foliage and a stem length of 20-24”. The blooms are lovely in fresh and dried arrangements. For a season of lavender blooms, plant with May bloomer, lower growing Hicote, and other June bloomers like Provence (early June) and Grosso (mid June).

2. Munstead plants are a remarkably pretty lavender in full bloom! It shows off its violet flowers on a bushy 24” plant in mid June. Give this one plenty of room because when it is happy, it will grow beyond its 2 feet in diameter size. The fragrance is intense, so place it close to your back door, front sidewalk or mailbox where it will greet guests with its soothing scent. Very pretty in the garden with Jean Davis and Otto Quast.

3. Otto Quast is such a happy lavender! This is the first to bloom, oftentimes in April. Grows 24” around with a stem length of 12”. The flower resembles a bumble bee, with antennae or a bunny with ears. A pretty violet color. It's nice planted with other red-purple shades of lavender like Jean Davis or Munstead.

Will you be joining us for the Spring Daze in Cary, NC on April 27th? You can also pre-order you plants for that show. Just contact us via sunshine lavender farm email and we will make the appropriate arrangements.

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