Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Say "I Do" to a Lavender Wedding

An overall warmth is in the air now...only six more days until the official first day of spring! How are we celebrating? By getting heavily involved in the process of planning several lavender filled weddings!

We have scoured Pinterest for inspiration, met with multiple brides to discuss ideas of how to incorporate MORE lavender into their beautiful day and scheduled several overnight delivery dates of our fresh cut lavender. 

The lavender on our farm is some of the first to bloom in the United States. Every year is a bit different, yet typically lavender is blooming before Memorial Day, sometimes earlier, and blooms nicely through July 4th. Most lavender peaks in mid June in North Carolina.

As the herb that symbolizes devotion, joy and luck, lavender is perfect for weddings and celebrations. It is a flower that many brides visualize from the most simple country wedding, to a more formal affair. Our number one priority is to grow the most beautiful and fragrant lavender. We do not specialize in creating items for the wedding party, although we have for local brides from time to time. Every bride has a different vision for using lavender on her special day and these ideas simply help bring them to life. Lavender is very easy to work with and we suggest using your floral designer or a friend to manage the flowers. 

Lavender has such a lovely and fragrant presentation, that many choose to create simple bouquets wrapped with ribbon.

Lavender included in mixed bouquets works just as well too, especially if there is a meaningful combination for the bride. Lavender and roses is quite popular! Small pieces may be created to include lapel flowers and corsages with lavender too. From bunches of lavender in baskets, buckets or vases to a collection of petite bottles with single stems, lavender used in center pieces is lovely too. Imagine sharing a pretty bottle with lavender as a guest keepsake. Our lavender is grown using organic practices, so may also be used for the champagne toast, with a single stem inverted within the glass, a natural swizzle stick! Wedding cakes topped or adorned with lavender is also an option. One bride requested lavender flavored icing for her cake! Loose lavender is an option for a wedding toss and is sold by the cup. The ideas are limitless for a lavender wedding and it all begins with your taste and vision.

Here’s a testimonial from a customer when asked about their fresh lavender delivery:
"It is awesome!! Just home from rehearsal dinner. And, you have a convert with our florist. She is quite pleased with how pleasant you have been to work with and she loves the lavender.   Thanks again! Barbara" 
Lavender overnights to any destination perfectly for May and June weddings. Overnight shipping fees are determined based on destination. Estimate 1 lb. per bouquet. Fed Ex delivers for the farm. Go to for estimates from your zip code to get a shipping estimate from 27278 (our farm). Fed Ex shipping is due prior to shipment and payable via PayPal. Etsy automatically calculates standard shipping, which will be deducted from the additional overnight shipping total.

Remember, fresh lavender can be easily preserved by hanging up-side-down in a hot, dry location for 10-14 days, as a keepsake. Lavender bouquets are lovely and fragrant all year long! Just spritz preserved bouquets with water, place in a steamy bath, or rub the florets to release the sweet scent. Fragrance and color can last 2 years!

Are you considering adding fresh lavender to up and coming wedding? Please visit our online Etsy shop for pricing.

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