Monday, July 9, 2012

Making a Lavender Wreath

As promised, this post includes the instructions on making a fresh 6" lavender wreath. These instructions were given by Annie Baggett at the Lovely Lavender Day in Pharsalia 2012.

  1. Large bundle of fresh lavender
  2. 6" wire wreath
  3. 26 gauge floral craft wire
  4. Floral shears
  5. Ribbon for finished accent
First, harvest a large bunch of fresh lavender. We harvested Hidcote Giant due to the fact that once it dries, the lavender buds DO NOT fall off easily from the stem, unlike Provence.  Also, Annie recommended harvesting early in the morning for the maximum oil content and therefore fragrance. No need to place the freshly harvested lavender in water.

Unwrap the large bundle on a flat working table and begin making several individual mini bundles. Each mini bundle consists of ~25 individual stems of lavender that are arranged neatly by size and are wrapped tightly with wire at the bottom of the flower heads. Once wrapped, trim the stems very short, leaving about 2-3 inches of bare stem. We discovered in class that it was easier to make several mini bundles at a time.

Once you have collected several mini bundles, it's time to begin arranging your wreath. Lay your wreath base flat and begin attaching your first wrapped mini bundle to the base securely by wrapping it tightly with the floral wire around the wreath base. Next lay your second wrapped mini bundle (facing the same direction as the first bundle) overlapping the bear stem remaining from your first wrapped bundle. Make sure that only flower heads are showing...NO bare stem. Begin attaching your second wrapped mini bundle to the base securely by wrapping it tightly with the floral wire around the wreath base.

Continue this process of making several mini bundles and then attaching those bundles tightly to the wreath base until the entire wreath is covered. If desired, attach a ribbon bow to your wreath while fresh as it is easier to manipulate the fresh lavender around the bow. Lay the finished wreath flat to dry. If the wreath is hanging while it dries, the lavender may sag as it dries. You may add some lavender essential oil to the wreath as needed for fragrance. Your newly constructed wreath will last for years!

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